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Keynote eBook by Dan Abelow, E-Consumption: Platform of the Future

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Products and platforms are about to change forever.

This visual eBook shows how your company can use E-Consumption to leap ahead of tech’s giant platforms, and accelerate past Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon.

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To see how to accelerate: Here are E-Consumption Resources

Keynote Package: Custom Edited Video

See the E-Consumption Keynote delivered at ITES (IT European Summit) to CIOs and CTOs. It's at the top of

Keynote Package: Keynote eBook

Sharable PDF. A visual journey through E-Consumption. From today's world to the always-on future.

Keynote Package: Website Visual Walkthrough

This long web page  visually presents E-Consumption keynote's ideas

Keynote Package: Knowledge Center

Related resources, to assist understanding and application

To drive your acceleration: Here are E-Consumption Services

Breakthrough UX: Accelerate and Lead Our Digital First Earth
Dan Abelow, Founder, CEO and Principal Consultant at Breakthrough UX

Dan Abelow,
Founder, CEO and Principal Consultant
Breakthrough UX

Startup: Executive Briefings and Workshops

Go to full speed in one step. In one week, Dan can brief your Senior Executives and Management Team, and turn their strategic and operational questions into plans. He can run the stakeholder and delivery team workshops that develop: 

  • Strategic plans and roadmaps
  • Timeline for priority features, products and services
  • New designs for features and products
  • check
    User interaction flows and service blueprints

In one rapid acceleration you can have: 

  • Sharable video recordings of your briefings
  • Operating plans for your strategy, roadmap, product plans and initial product designs

Development: User Experience (UX) Services

Once you've started, Dan builds and adds a custom framework and services that accelerate your Digital First growth, culture and leadership:

Breakthrough UX: Services Delivery